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The SkinCeuticals® Profesional Medical Peels, Cosmelan® Depigmenting Professional Peel, Acnelan® Deacne Professional Peel, LHALala® Cosmetic Professional Peel are designed for the upgraded and  deeper level peel with well preparation and reach deeper skin layers. These peels provide a better results for skin conditions such as melasma, pigmentations, acne, acne scars, uneven skin tones, sun damaged, fine lines and wrinkles. Using strong medical strength actives and less than an hour a PDP Peel works skin deep to return skin to its normal function and increase cell optimisation. 


This peel features an unbuffered and unneutralized 20% glycolic acid at a low pH for optimal absorption. This alpha hydroxy acid helps facilitate the skin’s natural desquamation process by weakening the bonds that hold dead, damaged cells on the surface, in turn improving the appearance of skin tone and texture. Glycolic acid has also been proven to support the skin’s production of structural proteins.

A series of four to six treatments spaced two weeks apart yields visible improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, radiance, firmness, and overall skin health.

  • Promotes the skin’s natural desquamation process and accelerates cellular renewal
  • Visibly improves signs of photoaging, including fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and uneven skin tone
  • Smooths surface texture
  • Treatments can be customized or enhanced with additional products and services to meet individual patients’ needs
  • This Peel needs to prep 2-4 weeks prior to peel by using the recommended products 
  • Paraben- and fragrance-free



SkinCeuticals® Pigment Balancing Peel suitable for those experienced with peels. This peel features a potent solution comprised of 40% unbuffered glycolic acid, 10% citric acid, 27% vitamin C, and 4% emblica, this peel accelerates cellular renewal while improving the appearance of diffuse and localized hyperpigmentation. Ideal for oily and problematic skin types, it helps fade post-acne discoloration, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhance radiance, and increase the feeling of skin firmness.

This three-step clinical treatment includes Pigment Balancing Powder, Pigment Balancing Solution, and Sanitizing Booster. A series of six treatments spaced ten days apart is recommended for optimal improvement in pigmentation.

  • Exfoliates the skin and accelerates cellular renewal
  • Visibly improves hyperpigmentation and visible signs of photoaging such as fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and loss of firmness
  • Helps fade the appearance of post-acne discoloration
  • This Peel needs to prep 2-4 weeks prior to peel by using the recommended products 
  • Paraben- and fragrance-free





Cosmelan® is a professional depigmenting method that fully removes spots and prevents their reappearance for a short- and long-term outcome.

cosmelan® is a professional depigmenting method that fully removes the most severe and resistant spots with maximum efficacy and safety.

The cosmelan® method is a unique combination of active ingredients of proven efficacy that provides it with a unique and dual action for a short- and long-term outcome:

– Corrective action: visibly removes and attenuates spots.

– Regulating action: it regulates the overproduction of pigmentation to prevent the spots’ reappearance.

-spectrum solar radiation and helps control skin pigmentation.

The cosmelan® method is a unique combination of active ingredients of proven efficacy that provides it with a unique and dual action for a short- and long-term outcome. To the question “is it a peel?” we answer: yes, but it goes far beyond that!

A standard peeling is a treatment that acts on the surface of the skin by chemically eliminating the top layers and contributing to its renewal. Chemical peels deliver high concentrations of exfoliating acids to the skin to brighten the complexion, even skin tone and to improve the appearance of spots and wrinkles. In the case of patients with dark spots, a peel can help fade the spots but the blemish will appear again if the mechanisms that produce it are not treated.

The cosmelan® method visibly removes and attenuates spots (just like a peel) but it most importantly provides a regulating action as it corrects the overproduction of pigmentation to prevent the spots’ reappearance. While peelings act on the surface of the problem, cosmelan® treatment targets the origin.

A picture is worth a thousand words… So here are some pictures of before and after cosmelan® treatment:

Although many people refer to it as “cosmelan peel”, the treatment consists of 4 phases that turn it into a protocol for the elimination and control of the spots rather than a one-time remedy.

Phase 1: intense depigmentation:

A single session in cabin in which the aesthetic professional applies cosmelan 1 mask for an intensive depigmenting action. We must let the mask act for 8-12 hours. This produces the removal of the melanin deposits of the skin, as well as its renewal.

Phases 2, 3 and 4: depigmentation, regulation and control:

Home protocol recommended by our professional therapist. Client must follow an application guideline of cosmeceuticals complementary to the method. This is part of the depigmentation process and also the way to prevent the reappearance of spots. The protocol includes:

– cosmelan 2: facial cream for removing and/or reducing spots of melanic origin.

– melan recovery: balm with calming and healing effect.

– melan 130 pigment control: very high solar protection and colour.



Mesoestetic® Acnelan® Acne Medical Treatment (All Skin Types)

A professional medical method for the intensive treatment of acne-prone and seborrheic skins.

For effective, rapid and convenient control of acne-prone and moderate seborrheic skin, mesoestetic presents acnelan. It offers a cross-cutting approach to address the various factors that trigger the disease, combining an intensive clinical treatment for professional use with a home maintenance treatment and offering a complete line of products.

Multifactorial, transversal and simultaneous innovation on the different triggering factors of the signs of acne.

At the heart of the product line’s formulation lies the innovative m.acne complex™, a unique combination of active ingredients selected specifically for their complementary properties. The formula contains salicylic acid, mandelic acid and sodium lepargilate, which combined with the exclusive bexaretinyl complex have a unique synergistic action that produces deep cleansing and comprehensive renewal of acne-prone and seborrheic skin. The properties of m.acne complex™ have been studied at an in-vitro level, and they have shown to reduce redness and swelling in lesions, as well as to have a depigmentation effect by reducing the ability to synthesise melanin.


– Decrease in sebum production: this slows down the secretory activity of sebaceous glands.

– Control of bacterial proliferation: this inhibits the growth and reproduction of the strains making up the skin flora, which may infect blocked pilosebaceous canals.

– Less redness and epidermal swelling: this reduces and soothes the intensity of the inflammatory process of acne outbreaks.

– Lightening of post-acne hyperpigmentation: this improves the appearance of hyperpigmented areas of skin after an acne outbreak.



Treatment information

Acne vulgaris is a common chronic skin disease caused by excess androgen production involving a sequence of different triggers. It is a polymorphic skin condition characterized by various types of lesions, such as comedones, papules, pustules, nodules, scars and hyperpigmentation.

Acne may also have a social impact as it exacerbates social anxiety, which is already more prevalent during adolescence. As a result, it may have a detrimental effect on the quality of life and productivity of individuals affected by this condition.


What is Lala Peel?

Born to strengthen and reboot the skin core, LALA Peel&Fill is the 4th generation peeling product contained LHA and Lipids with less irritation or other side effects.

Lala Peel is very similar to natural skin exfoliation, it reduces skin irritation, redness or itchiness even to sensitive skin. Created to improve skin by combining LHA and Alkali to combat flaws of traditional exfoliation.
Difference from other Peels

Unlike peeling, which was treated with acidic components Lala peel was developed to be peeling using a neutral component of pH 5.5 called LHA, by combing the key ingredients that can help solve various skin problems in an optimised ratio. It stimulates collage from the inside of the skin to induce regeneration, not to exfoliate regardless of skin type.
Suitable for Sensitive & trouble skin

Unlike other peeling that involves physical skin peeling, we recommend it to people with sensitive skin due to low irritation, and there are also fewer side effects such as dislocation and redness, you can routine to normal routine straight after.






One Day Peel®

One day peel  is the peeling powder that natural Micro-Needle of high purity and herb extracts to reinforce skin barrier, and makes healthy skin and softens the skin texture. It is a natural peeling procedure for skin regeneration based on a mixture of natural herbs. It provides immediate glowing plumped skin with mimimum down time or visible peeling. Its unique composition is completely free from chemicals, synthetic binders and abrasives and therefore there are no toxic side effects.  This one-day procedure  is the mixing solution with Alfays 1 Daypeel that supplies moisture and soothes the skin effectively. Yeast fermentation ingredient doesn’t have an adverse effect to sensitive skin. The affinity to skin is excellent, so help have synergy effect with other active components can be absorbed to the skin. 


One day peel is a natural peeling procedure for skin regeneration based on a mixture of natural herbs. It provides immediate glowing plumped skin with no down time or visible peeling. Its unique composition is completely free from chemicals, synthetic binders and abrasives and therefore there are no toxic side effects. The special blend contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, phytohormones, mineral salts, tannins and trace elements. One day peel  treatment is an easily performed, regenerative treatment that is a gentle yet highly effective facial procedure. This one-day procedure is a natural kick-starter to great looking skin.



Benefits and Effects


This one day peel could help to deduce the rough skin, which have excessive sebum and dead skin cell, perticular the acne for face, chest and back. 

Collagen induction: Acne crater scars are often the result of collagen damage in the deeper layers of the skin caused by severe acne. One day Peel treatment works by creating controlled micro-injuries in the scarred areas, which stimulate the production of new collagen. Collagen is a protein that provides structure and support to the skin, and its regeneration helps to fill in the depressions caused by acne craters, resulting in a smoother skin texture.



Reduce pore sizes
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Skin tightening & lifting

One day peel treatment typically involve the application of skincare products immediately after the procedure. The micro-channels created by the one day peel allow for better penetration of these products into the skin, maximizing their effectiveness. This can include products with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, or growth factors, which promote skin healing, hydration, and collagen synthesis.


Reduce freckles & epidermal pigmentations

Reduce Melasma & hormonal pigmentations

Brightening skin and deduce uneven skin tone

Improved skin texture and tone: One day peel treatment can help improve the overall appearance of the skin affected by acne crater scars. By stimulating collagen production and promoting skin renewal, these treatments can lead to a reduction in scar depth and an improvement in skin texture, making the scars less noticeable. Additionally, the stimulation of blood circulation in the treated area can contribute to a more even skin tone.

-Minimal downtime

One day peel treatments are generally considered minimally invasive, with little  downtime required. The micro-injuries created by the one day peel are typically very small and heal quickly, allowing individuals to resume their regular activities shortly after the procedure. However, it is common to experience some temporary redness, mild swelling, or flaking of the skin in the treated area, which usually resolves within a few days.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of one day peel treatments for acne crater scars can vary depending on the severity of the scarring and individual skin characteristics.





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Pair with



2.MesoGlow Injection NCTF Booster


3.Alma DPL Laser Photorejuvanations 


4.LED Light Therapy



• Reduces wrinkles/ fine lines
• Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
• Anti-aging
• Assists pigmentation and uneven skin
• Reduces sun spots and aged spots
• Refines pores

*(Results may vary individually)

The general recommendation for Peels are every 2-4 weeks, depensing on which peel are performed. 

Take make up off, avoid direct sun exposure, needs skin preparation, such as B3, retinal, or other relevant pre peel products, please consult with our professional and friendly therapists for details.

Avoid wearing make-up for at least 6-24 hours after a peel treatment. Always use sun blocks for minimum SPF 50+. Avoid direct sun exposure, heat, swimming, exercise within 24 hours after peel. Avoid any other treatment like facials, lasers, or skin treatment for the treatment area. Use the recommended aftercare products after the peel are essential to reach the optimum results.

Whilst we have seen amazing results from the Peel treatments, please know that results do vary and we cannot make guarantees. We recommend coming and speaking to our clinic technicians for an in-depth consultation. They will discuss in detail how the treatment works, whether it will be right for your skin type and the expected results in line with your treatment goals.

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